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Added on May 16th, 2009.

Our Review

Knightfall is a puzzle game with an RPG slant, asking "Can you save the princess armed with nothing more than a rusting medieval drill?". You need to match coloured blocks in groups of 3 or more (double click on them); they then disappear and everything on screen falls downwards into place, the twist being you can rotate the screen left and right with the arrow keys to plan which way everything goes. There are monsters to avoid (or kill with your drill for XP) and items to collect, with each level's goal being to get to the locked gate (pick up the key on the way!). In between stages you can spend the money you've found on items from the shop. Overall a thoroughly satisfying and entertaining diversion!

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5


Can you save the princess armed with nothing more than a rusting medieval drill and a sense of derring-do?

Through 5 scenarios, the Knight seeks his stolen love, imprisoned by the Devil himself. Showcasing a new spin (literally) on the puzzle RPG genre, you must guide your Knight to each level's exit by drilling away the blocks he stands on, and letting gravity take effect! By rotating the entire game board, you can guide him anywhere you wish; into confrontations with the monsters that dwell in the dungeons, or to greedily grab the treasures that litter the game – be careful not to run out of stamina, though! Collect enough currency, and you can buy potions, spells, armour and other trinkets from a shop staffed by a helpful fairy. 3 skill levels cater for absolute beginners, right up to the most hardened strategy fan, 2 different game modes provide essential replayability and a host of achievements await the completist!

Thanks for playing! Now check out Guild of Dungeoneering, a game I'm making where you build the dungeon instead of controlling the hero! \o/

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    May 30, 2009 @ 8:39 pm

    I saw a similar game recently but i don't know which came first. Anyway, nice gameplay

  2. ZZZZZzzzz...

    June 6, 2010 @ 4:02 am

    ZzZzZzz nice game but slow

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